QRS Series Products and Technology
Screening Systems, Inc products have been designed specifically for Accelerated Testing Practices such as HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing), HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) and ESS (Environmental Stress Screening) Products are available designed with our unique six degree of freedom QRS type pneumatic vibration only or combined with Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Temperature Chambers.
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Small Products

• QRS-410T
• QRS-700

Medium Products

• QRS-410T
• QRS-600

Large Products

• QRS-300
• QRS-450T
• QRS-600

Custom Systems

• QRS-1200 (Large Consoles)
• QRS-3000 (Automated Production)


This mobile vibration only system is suited for testing low volume small products.  Perfect for R&D, repair depot or small products
The 300 series vibration systems are offered with a variety of table sizes.  This product line is designed for use in Acoustic enclosures and "AGREE" type chambers. 
The most versatile design, QRS-410T series is offered with a variety of tables, vibration only, vibration and thermal or high performance options.  The mobile design allows this system to be used in the widest possible range of environments.
The high performance QRS-600 series is designed for most extreme Accelerated Testing.  It features a large interior, optional ceiling for energy efficiency and sliding rear doors.  technology
The smallest system has been designed for maximizing HALT testing.  The compact table and small enclosure powers this system to extremes

This customized product line has been developed for testing consoles and large products that cannot be tested in a traditional chambers.  

Contact Screening System with your testing goals to determine the best design for your requirements
The QRS-3000 series has been design for high volume HASS/ESS testing.  Customized to your production requirements  technology
Contact Screening System with your testing goals to determine the best design for your requirements technology
Screening Systems, Inc. offers a full range of Fixturing solutions.  The standard fixtures kits have been designed specifically for the unique QRS vibration table to ensure proper transmissibility to the product.  Also available are custom solutions for unique products.

SSC-2000 Controller
SSC2000Computes True gRMS rather than Peak for a more accurate  measurement. (Using Peak overstates the energy applied). Powerful, yet simple to use vibration and temperature controller, analyzer, and data logging
QRS System Features
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